Machine, Needles and Pigments: The Fundamentals of Great Work


Bring your notepads and be ready to grasp! In this seminar, permanent makeup expert, Gaston will cover the following topics:

1) First things first: Blood borne and Pathogen on point

2) Understanding Skin

3) PMU BX (Before the Xion-S)

4) Introduction to Xion-S

5) Xion-S Features

6) Optimizing your settings

7) Understanding Voltage

8) Power Supply – how to choose them

9) Understanding pigments

10) Understanding cartridge needles

11) Do’s and don’ts

12) Beginners and advanced tips

13) After Care best practice

14) Open forum

15) Xion-S giveaway among registered

Live demonstration on faux skin of various topic covered in this seminar.

Cost: $300.00

When: Friday, April 20th from 4pm-7pm.