From Cartoons to Tattoos: How to be a Tattoonist with Thom Bulman


Who: Thom Bulman

When: Friday, April 20th, 2018 4:00pm – 5:30pm

What: Thom Bulman from Ink Master season 9 in his first-ever tattoo/art seminar!

In this seminar, “Tattoonist” Thom Bulman will take you through the steps of his creative process. Attendees will learn how he takes images and ideas from pop culture and breathes new life into them through illustration. He will also explain best practices for tattoo application of these illustrations, including: color theory, line weights, and needle groupings. You’ll cover color theory, needles groups/technics, from pixels to tattoos, tattoo translation from screen to skin, character design using manga studio and stencils, and then tips on marketing and branding followed by a q & a session.

What’s included: There will be a few special giveaways to some lucky attendees, as well as on site portfolio critiques following the presentation. There may even be a special guest or two… Attendees are encouraged to bring a digital drawing tablet (such as a Microsoft Surface Pro or iPad). Knowledge of Manga Studio , Clip Art Paint, and/or Proceate is recommended.

How much: $175 (includes admission to expo for Friday)

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